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implementation plan

The district plan has been formulated for projects whose implementation will culminate in the realisation of the districts overall goal for the Medium Term (2006-2009) Development Plan – improve the living standard o the people through effective resource mobilization.

The development programmes and projects have been phased out year by year within the five year period. These projects are translated into an Annual Plan which specifies what action is to be undertaken, by whom, at what time and cost.

The five year Medium Term Development Plan contains projects which are organized under three main thematic areas as identified under the GPRS II.

Medium Term Development Plan: 2006-2009
This section includes projects and programmes to be implemented in the medium term (2006-2009), under the three main thematic areas of the GPRS II –Private sector-led growth, Human Resource Development and Good Governance.
Among the basis for the selection of projects includes;

  • Projects with high returns to resource inputs;
  • Projects that serve as a spring board to the successful implementation of projects in the long term;
  • Projects that directly serves the need of poor groups and address gender concerns;
  • Projects that have verifiable funding sources;
  • Projects that promote efficient mobilization of natural, human, financial, institutional and infrastructural resources for development in the district;
  • Projects that promote immense private sector involvement and stability of the district’s micro economy;
  • Projects that promote human resource development and good governance.

Table 5.1 shows the medium term projects identified in the district.  In this table, information provided are type of project, location of project, time frame, cost of poject and sources of funding for the projects.

Refer to the tables below in pdf file.

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