SNV Netherlands Development Organisation's GrEEn Investment forum opens in Takoradi
The SNV Netherlands Development Organization's GrEEn Investment forum has opened in Takoradi to court investors and expose the youth to opportunities in the green space.

Date Created : 11/9/2022 12:00:00 AM : Story Author : Mildred Siabi-Mensah/

The theme: “Pathways to promoting Investment Opportunities in the Green and Circular Economy” had been chosen to promote investment opportunities in the country to strengthen the economy.

The sectors targeted include agriculture, renewable energy, water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH).

Ms. Gennivive Parker Twum, An Advisor on the GrEEn project at the opening of the three-day event, said the overall goal of the investment forum was to highlight economic opportunities in the green and circular economy in the Western and Ashanti Regions.

She said experts would explore green investment opportunities from the annual market scans and value chain analysis per sector to see how to improve investments in businesses in the green sector.

The event would host local and international investors and promote dialogue between different stakeholders with the aim of having workable solutions to the challenges that limit investments in the green sector.

Ms. Twum said boosting green employment and enterprise opportunities was geared towards increasing local economic activities, promoting job creation, income generation and improving governance and economic performance.

The SNV Netherlands Development Organization is keen on implementing the boosting green employment and enterprise opportunities, which was launched in September 2020 and this project aims at creating greater economic and employment opportunities for youth, women, and returning migrants by promoting green businesses and supporting sustainable job creation in the Ashanti and Western Regions.

Mr. Fredrick Agyemang, the Chief Director of the Western Regional Coordinating Council, who represented the Regional Minister, said the project’s focus was in tandem with the vision of the Region, which hinges on Enterprise Western Region, Entrepreneurial Governance; and mainstreaming the SDGs and Youth Development.

"This doable and achievable venture, which is based on the principles of sustainability and resilience, will surely lead to job creation, poverty eradication, wealth creation, and industrialization, and provide hope for our teeming Youth," he added.

He urged stakeholders to work to create the enabling environment for the private sector to operate, create jobs that would lead to poverty reduction through increased employment and most importantly the use of local resources to advance economic development.

He said young people were an important asset to the labour market, a significant driver of the national economy and by improving the employment abilities and entrepreneurship capabilities of the youth, women, and returnees in a more sustainable manner, the story will be different.

The Minister said the Young people, who were at the forefront of change and innovation, had the spirit to make things happen, "all they need is the space to excel which calls for strategic measures and policies that take into consideration youth development and integration."

The Government has noted the need to create employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for these young ones and would ensure that a level-playing field was created to ensure increased opportunities that would help unearth potential.

Mr. Nathan Opoku, the Western Regional Director of the Ghana Investment Promotion Council, noted how the GrEEn space had over six million jobs to create in the next eight years with a significant financial injection of 4.5 million dollars and thus urgent need to participate in the trade.

He said various programmes and activities over the period had presented a fertile investment ground and that the need for strategic investment to yield the needed returns.