Task Force Constitutes to Curb Fulani Herdsmen
Municipal Chief Executive of Nkoranza South Daniel Owuredu , has engaged the Municipal Security Council (MUSEC), Nananom, selected Assembly members, Zongo Youth Representatives and the media on the Fulani herdsmen's menace in the Municipality.

Date Created : 12/20/2021 12:00:00 AM : Story Author : Aboagye Amponsah/

Early this week, the MUSEC met and set the following modalities to combat the situation in the Municipality.

‘’Task force should be constituted in the Municipality (Operation cow leg), no entry for cattle in the Municipality this year.

Again, two weeks ultimatum has been given for all cattle which have already entered the Municipality should be evacuated. The task force is well resourced to carry out their operations this year.’’ He disclosed.

The MCE lamented on the various reports reaching his outfit and made references to the 2018 National Best Farmer who complained that the cattle have destroyed about ten thousand mango fruits in his farm, as well as cassava, cashew ,oranges, uncountable number of yam tubers and others.

Donkro Nkwanta Assembly member Uthan Paul also lamented on the devastating effects the cattle caused last year which led most of the youth to migrate from farming to galamsey.

Assembly member for Ahyiayem Kwaku Azubire, reported an incident of kidnapping by the Fulani herdsmen whereby a Ten thousand Ghana Cedis ransom was demanded before releasing the victim. According to him the community now lives in the grips of fear and anxiety as they don't know who else may fall a victim.

He described the hell they now go through before getting food stuff to feed their families as they sometimes travel to Bonsu and other communities before getting foodstuff. Ending his report, he made it known to the MUSEC about a planned demonstration by his community.

The Zongo Chief Representatives called for togetherness to fight this course. The MUSEC preliminary investigation shows that about six groups of cattle has already entered the Municipality

The MCE in his closing remarks stressed on the rules and regulations set by the MUSEC. He pledged that he would make sure the rules and regulations are duly followed. He climaxed his submission by thanking Nananom, the various representatives and the media.

- Aboagye Amponsah