ELECTIONS 2020: Lets campaign vigorously on truck records- Afram Plains NDC told
The failed parliamentary candidate of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Afram Plains North in the Eastern Region, Kpeli Worlase has called on the rank and file of the party to unite and campaign vigorously to win the 2020 general elections, and also retain the parliamentary seat of the area for the party.

Date Created : 9/29/2020 4:00:33 AM : Story Author : William Dei-Gyau/Ghanadistricts.com

He said the task ahead involves communal spirit hence every member and sympathizer must join hands in working to the victory they all look up to.

Mr. Kpeli Worlase who made this curtesy appeal in a recent interview with Ghanadistricts.com warned the governing New Patriotic Party- NPP to desist from wasting their resources to campaign for votes in his home constituency as there is nothing to show or campaign on for the four years they (NPP) have been in government.

"Afram Plains North is for NDC and NDC is for Afram Plains North Constituency. This election is a done deal for the National Democratic Congress and this is non-negotiable. We are going all out to make this projection a reality, we will only campaign on the massive infrastructure projects the NDC initiated during the former president John Dramani Mahama administration", he bragged.

He explained that the NDC has been the only party that has had the Afram Plains at heart and always worked towards developing the potentials of the area. "Chairman Rawlings who is nicknamed the Messiah of Afram Plains discovered the area during the PNDC/NDC regime, he singlehandedly transport electricity power to the area through the Afram River, he initiated the construction of the Afram Plains road network, these project has been retired after the regime of the first President of the fourth Republic Jerry John Rawlings. In his bid to help develop the potentials of the area who's indigence are farmers constructed the Donkorkrom Agric Senior High School among other projects.

He stressed that it is the dream of the NDC party to make Afram Plains the food basket of Ghana. This dream, according to Mr. Kpeli is always shut down whenever the NPP comes to power, Kufour came and neglect the activities of the NDC government until the Mills Mahama administration who come to continue with the dream of the party for the area. Afram Plains has never been left out in the activities of the NDC party, President John Dramani Mahama gave us the Mem-Chemfre Day Senior High School, three health post, a brand new pantoom, an ultramodern maternity ward for the Donkorkrom Presbyterian Hospital.

"We are going to vote on track record, we are going to set the records straight, let's ask the District Chief Executive what his government has done in Afram Plains North, they promised to construct the Afram Plains road network with a bridge on the Afram River, one district one factory, they said they are going to give every Constituency a million dollars to spearhead the development of the Constituencies, four years down the line let them direct us where we could see this projects in Afram Plains".

Reminding the people of Afram Plains on the promises of NPP stated that "the then-candidate Akufo Addo during his campaign tour to Donkorkrom ahead of the 2016 general elections told the good people of the area his government will establish a teacher training college in the area at the expense of NDCs preparedness to cut the sod for the construction of a satellite campus of the Eastern University in Donkorkrom, tell them to just show you the land earmarked for the construction of the college of education which was promised by the flagbearer of the NPP.

Planting for food and Jobs, planting for export and rural development, rearing for food and Jobs which was very good policies which we thought was in to revamp the potentials of the Afram Plains was just political talk which has not met the expectation of the people in Afram Plains. The youth are rather leaving the area in search of greener pastures. The planting for food and Jobs which we thought will make agriculture attractive to the youth are rather driving the youth away from agriculture, we have a very vast fertile land which the country could take advantage of.

Kpeli Worlase who is yet to join the campaign trail of the NDC in the Afram Plains North hinted it is time we politicians practice what we preach, we are not doing any good service to the youth and Future Leaders of our motherland, he also cautioned the NDC not to rejoice over the incompetency of the NPP government let educate by explaining to the electorate the difference between the NDC and NPP government.