Tree Planting Exercise in Akuapim South
A tree planting exercise has embarked on with the theme Aburi goes Green: Flowering the Botanic Town at the Aburi Botanical Gardens, at 10:00am to 1:00pm. The exercise was led by a tripartite committee which was chaired by Otobour Gyan Kwasi, Chief of Aburi, with Hon. Frank Aidoo, Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) and the Member of Parliament (MP) of Akuapim South, Hon. O.B. Amoah as members.

Date Created : 10/24/2020 12:00:00 AM : Story Author : Ghanadistricts.com

In attendance was Hon. Frank Aidoo, Hon. Michael Ahwireng, the Presiding Member of the municipality, the Curator of Aburi Botanical Gardens, some members of the traditional council, staff and heads of units and department of the Assembly, the association of hairdressers and some town folks. According to the acting Curator Antoinette Enyonam Amegbletor, this exercise was an urgent action to make Aburi exhibit what she is popularly known for, thus the Botanical Gardens. In her words, ‘tourist and visitors who for the first time visits Aburi do not release or feel the botanic nature in the town unless they arrive in the gardens, therefore a call to plant more trees in Aburi-township’.

The MCE in an address stated that the committee is looking forward to making this an annual exercise to achieve the said vision of the committee. He called on all to ensure the protection of these trees because trees are living things without proper care they die. Therefore he craves the indulgence of everyone especially those whose farms and houses are closer not to hesitate in ensuring the plants survivor.

Four trees were planted by the committee members in the Botanical Gardens and one palm tree was planted to replace an old palm tree which was planted in memory of a chief, Nana Oppong Tengteng, who died at the entrance of the Botanical Gardens. The stretch of road from the Gardens to Adonteng has its fair share of the tree planting.