Obuasi MCE marks "my first day at school”
The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of Obuasi Mr. Elijah Adansi-Bonahhas welcomed Kindergarten and primary one pupils to school.

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The visit by the MCE forms part of activities by the Obuasi MunicipalAssembly to observe "My First Day at School", an annual event adoptedby the government to distribute stationeries and other items to the schoolchildren.

The exercise is held annually at the beginning of every academic year towelcome schoolchildren back to school, especially those entering crèche andkindergarten (KG) as well as those joining the mainstream school system atbasic one and is aimed at motivating the children to stay in school.

This year, the MCE who was accompanied by the Municipal Director ofEducation, George Alfred Koomson visited Adaase MA basic school, DokyiwaaCommunity School, Binsere school, Anyinam Methodist school and SDA basicschool.

Mr. Adansi-Bonah, who expressed satisfaction with pupils’ enrolment andattendance on the first day, encouraged parents to prioritize the education oftheir children. He said " the Assembly alongside the government is working hard toprovide infrastructure and logistics for schools, it is however incumbent onparents to see to it that their children are always in school".

OMA targets replacing old school blocks with new ones

The Obuasi Municipal Assembly has rolled out a policy targeted atreplacing old dilapidated school blocks with new ones. The MCE said theAssembly has thus included in its budget line a facelift to at least one or twoschool blocks every year."We have realised that most of the school blocks have not seen anyform of renovation over the years.

The Assembly has however taken keen interestin developing educational infrastructure in Obuasi so we have made it a policyto rehabilitate and in some cases build new school blocks every year.

Bye laws to sustain BECE performance

Mr. Adansi-Bonah in an interview after the tour hinted that the Assemblyin its bid to sustain BECE performance has decided to strengthen a section ofits revised byelaws which prohibits children from staying out at night.

He said once the byelaws are gazetted, the Assembly will ensure itsenforcement to instill discipline among children in the Municipality.

The Municipal Director of Education George Alfred Koomson lauded theMunicipal Assembly for putting in place measures to promote quality educationin the Municipality. He emphasized that activities such as ' my first day atschool' encourages the children to develop interest in school.

He said the Directorate in a bid to sustain enrolment in school, hasbeen going to churches and visiting communities to sensitize the public on theneed to go to school.

The pupils were given my first copy books, school bags, pencils,erasers,among others by the Assembly.