Kpone-Katamanso Municipal Assembly engages residents
Mr. Joseph Kwesi Gbeze, Presiding Member Kpone-Katamanso Municipal Assemble has schooled resident in Bediako, a community within the Nmlitsakpo near Tema on the functions of the Public Relations and Complains Committee (PRCC).

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The Presiding Member mentioned that residents must consider using the PRCC to solve some communal problems rather than going to court which according to him could be expensive.

Mr Gbeze further explained that the resident has every right to report all forms of irresponsible conduct by public office holders in line of duty or within their communities to the Public Relations and Complains Committee for adjudication.

He explained that the decisions of the PRCC were equivalent to a ruling from the High Court and aggrieved parties would abide by the decision adding that the Local Government Act 2016 Act 936 empowers the PRCC to execute certain functions within its area of authority.

The Presiding Member advised the residents to be law-abiding and must not create nuisance which could affect other residents.
Mr. Gbeze opined that the Municipal Assembly was ready to help accelerate development within the various communities saying that goal could be achieved when residents also fulfill their responsibilities by paying their levies and rates for development.

“Let develop the communities with a sense of unity,” he said and called on the residents to form residential associations to facilitate prompt and accelerated development.