Yilo Krobo MCE set out four areas to address in four years
The Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of the Yilo Krobo Municipal Assembly Erick Tetteh has set out four priority areas to address within the four year tenure that he has at the Assembly, and hoping to be remember for those achievement when he is out of office.

Date Created : 1/18/2022 12:00:00 AM : Story Author : Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/

According to him his first area of focus is to address the sanitation needs of the Municipality as he believes they should live in a clean environment to prevent disease affecting the people, “this would help us be strong and do whatever we want to do”.

In an interview he pointed out that he is going to ensure that there is discipline in the Municipality as he promised to ensure people building at unauthorized places and commercial drivers packing any how would be checked.

“You need to get opinion leaders to support you; since I assume office I have visited the chiefs and departments under me, so that we would team up to have a disciplined society. When you get to Somanya roundabout they are not loading there anymore”.

He added that the next action would be at Nkrakanye market where those trading along the road would be relocated, but pointed out the need to engage them and find an alternative place for them to be moved to.

On the agenda to would be infrastructure development the main road Koforidua to Somanya is being done, as well as other roads.

Again job is another area that he would look at, “we should get jobs for our people to do, our Municipal capital that is Somanya is strategically located and I said from Somanya to Kotoka International Airport and Tema port if there is no traffic less than one hour you are there the Assembly want to support for business to set up in Somanya”.

The MCE further added that if indigenes of Yilo Krobo do not help develop their Municipality, they would not get anyone coming down to do it for them, and called for the support of his people in achieving these goals since he cannot do the work alone.