Poultry industry on the verge of collapse – Dormaa Poultry Farmers
Poultry farmers in the Dormaa Municipality in the Bono Region are calling on the government to intervene in their woes as the industry is on the brink of collapse.

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According to the Chairman of the Poultry Farmers Association Mr. Addae Kusi, most of the farmers are out of business as a result of the high cost of poultry feed.

“The business is on the verge of collapse. Most of the farmers cannot buy the feed. Prices of feed keep rising. It is not surprising that most of the chicken coops in Dormaa are now empty. We can tell the future from now that there will be a scarcity of poultry soon. ”

He continued that they run at a loss in the sale of by-products of poultry.

“Our only alternative is the sale of eggs which are sold at a loss. Crates of eggs now sell at GHc 30.00 to GHc 35.00 instead of GHc 40.00 yet we are unable to break even.”

The Chairman of the Poultry Farmers Association disclosed that his business might fold up if something is not done.

“If things do not change for the better, I will be forced to shut down my business and invest in treasury bills”.