Vaglikori Forgor Awora appeals for Dagbigu bridge to be fixed
The Vaglikori, Forgor Awora of Dagbigu has added his voice to several calls of the good citizens of Sawla to plead with the District Chief Executive of Sawla-Tuna-Kalba, Barikisu Losina ,the Sawlawura and all relevant Stakeholders to come to the Community's aid by fixing the Dagbigu bridge which has now become a death trap.

Date Created : 10/17/2022 12:00:00 AM : Story Author : Takora Iddrisu Benjamin/

Vaglikori Forgor said, the Dagbigu bridge serves as a link to Sawla,Gbiniyiri and its environs, people are now afraid to use the bridge because they fear to lose their lives.

He added that many of these people now sleep with empty stomachs as Sawla is the main town where they commute to trade in salt, maggi among others to cook for their families.

According to Vaglikori, he nearly lost his life when trying to cross the bridge. He said, while crossing the bridge the pressure of the water took him off and as he was trying to save his life he hit his leg against a stone under the water but that notwithstanding he saved his life.

He said, a lot of people take the risk of crossing the death trap bridge and therefore appealed to the Sawlawura, the District Chief Executive and all leaders to come to their aid by finding urgent solutions to curb loss of lives or before any harm is caused.

A concerned citizens of Sawla raised the same alarming bells of the deplorable nature of roads in the Sawla-Tuna-Kalba District, especially Kalba and this same Dagbigu-Gbiniyiri to Sawla road.

They complained that the rains this year have washed-out most roads in the district leaving the people in at most danger and they therefore called on the DCE and all relevant stakeholders to come to their aid.

They added that due to the bad nature of the roads armed robbers have taken advantage and robbed innocent people plying on the roads.