CHEREPONI: More school infrastructure under construction-DCE
A number of school infrastructure are under construction in the Chereponi District in line with efforts at improving school infrastructure.

Date Created : 1/18/2018 7:31:29 AM : Story Author : Dominic Shirimori/Irene Kwakye/

The District Chief Executive of Chereponi District, Abudul Razak Tahidu speaking to noted that the saying “Education is the key to success”, is very relevant hence the assembly has made education one of the priority areas to focus attention and resources to in ensuring quality education is provided to children in the district.

According to her, works are ongoing on projects including construction of school block for Rahmania English Arabic School, 6-unit classroom block for Chereponi Senior High Technical School, 3-unit classroom block for Junjung Primary, 6-unit classroom block for Gilma Primary among others.

He stressed that completing these projects will help reduce overcrowding in some case, and in others replace existing classrooms built with clay, and also serve as motivation to a lot of the children to be enrolled into school.

He said although the assembly is with teething challenges, providing access to quality education will remain their prime concern and every conscious effort is being made in achieving their objective of improving standard of education in the district.

These projects are expected to be completed before the close of the year.