Kwabre Saaman installs first ever obaapanin for the stool
The Fredua, Adoma and Brayie Palace of Kenyase was in the state of frenzy when the Queenmother of the Kenyase Traditional Council, Nana Amua Brayie installed 3 subjects (Mmbaapanin) to assist in the cultural and traditional rule in their respective communities.

Date Created : 8/11/2022 12:00:00 AM : Story Author : Jephthan Safo/

Nana Ayeboafo Boadu II, the Saaman Dikro led kingmakers to the Queenmother’s palace to exact the traditional heritage that has been vacant for over 400 years.

Amid drumming and dancing, Nana Amua Brayie and her subjects performed the necessary customs and traditions to the appointed traditional mothers. The nominees were given various advices, pertaining to the dos and don’ts of the stool they were coming to serve.

After all customs performed, Nana Boadu Ayeboafo II took Nana Saa Bemah Takyiaw, known in private life as Vera Yaa Asaa to the Saaman palace to crown the coronation.

The wonderful and colorful program was warmly attended by friends and family,the press, dignitaries and other stakeholders.

The two others installed included Dabebaapanin and Kenyase Nkosuohemaa.