36 Farmers Awarded In Mamprugu-Moagduri On Farmers Day
The Mampurigu-Moagduri district has awarded a total of 36 farmers for their immerse contributions to food production in the area.

Date Created : 12/6/2017 8:23:49 AM : Story Author : Abdul-Fatawu Adam Wunizoya

The award which forms part of the celebration of the 2017 National Farmers Day at the district saw 32 men and 4 women being appreciated for their contributing to the development of agriculture and food security in the district.

In his welcome address, the District Chief Executive for the area, honorable Abu Adam observed that, the contribution of agriculture as an industry to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country cannot be overemphasized.

He also noted that, the agricultural sector employs over 60% of the country's population and provides 65% to 70% of the domestic food needs.

"Mr. Chairman, permit me to mention that, the overall contribution of agriculture as an industry cannot be down played as it contributed to the country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) . This same sector employs over 60% of the population and provides 65% -70% of domestic food needs" he said.

He said the government of Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo places priority on agriculture sector, and that was why it introduced the one village one dam, Planting For Jobs and Investment, One District One Factory, Planting For Food and Jobs among others to alleviate poverty in the country.

Speaking on the theme for this year's celebration "PLANTING FOR FOOD AND JOBS " honorable Abu said was appropriate as most of the people in the area suffer from hunger and unemployment was on the increase.

He said farmers need to adopt scientific techniques of farming in stead of relying on the traditional cutlass and hoe for an improved crop yields.

"The above situation arises not because our farmers do not work hard enough, but rather it is because their techniques in farming have changed very little once our farmers continue to rely on the traditional cutlass and hoe techniques, they are out from OK m the advances made in science resulting in high yielding crop varieties, improved fertilizers and pesticides " honorable Abu stated.

He noted that, the theme seeks to harness scientific breakthrough to transform agricultural production and also forge an effective partnership between researchers as the Crop Research Institute, government and farmers.

He indicated that, farmers in the country are not able to process their food stuff locally and are therefore forced to sell their produce cheaply and purchase finished products at a high cost which decreases their income level.

" Thirdly, our inability to process food stuff locally forces our farmers to sell their produce cheaply and purchase finished products at higher cost. For the same reason, our hard working farmers also suffer from price fluctuations as well as high post- harvest losses " he noted.

He lamented that, poor roads networks affect agriculture activities in the rural areas as farmers are not able to transport their food stuffs to the cities or markets.

He described the 2017 farming season as less able year due to low rainfall that was recorded and the setting in of the early Harmattan, and advised the people in the area especially, farmers to be aware of bushfires in order to minimize its effects.

He used the occasion to urged Ghanaians to check and know their HIV status as the day also marked World AIDS Day.

"Mr. Chairman, today marks an important day on the global calendar, that is, World AIDS Day. World AIDS Day is particularly important because, HIV affects everyone irrespective of age or status. If we allow our farmers and fishermen to be affected by HIV, they would become less productive and we would be left worse off" he said

"Ladies and gentlemen, this year's global theme is the Right to Health and Ghana has chosen "the Right to Health: Know your HIV status, seek early treatment " as the national theme.