Government supplies 16,947 dictionaries to basic schools in Adansi South District.
The government has supplied 16,947 Cambridge Dictionaries to the office of the Ghana Education Service to be distributed to all the school children in both Primary and Junior High Schools in the district.

Date Created : 11/30/2017 2:22:30 AM : Story Author : Kusi-Obuadum Brobbey/

The dictionaries were distributed by EPP Books Services a company in Ghana. The dictionaries consist of 6,374 for the Junior High Schools and 10,563 for the Primary Schools.

The Government in the 2017 Budget indicated that textbooks would be supplied free to all the school children in the country to reduce the burden of buying textbooks from parents.

The dictionaries would be distributed to all the school children in the various schools to help them to grasp with the correct pronunciations and spellings of English words; this will also help them to improve on their vocabulary when speaking and writing the English language.

The District Director of Education Mrs. Evelyn Benerwoe expressed her joy over the supply of the dictionaries to the children. “Now teachers will not find it difficult to teach the spelling and pronunciation of words and the children will also find no excuse for not learning the spellings and meanings to words in their reading books” The District Director said.

Mrs. Benerwoe said that they will implore all the teachers to do frequent monitoring and assessment of the textbooks giving to the children so that they will take good care of them.

The District Supply Officer of GES Mr. Richard Mensah disclosed that allocations to the various schools have been done and they will see to it that all the children are supplied with the dictionaries in the various schools in the district.

Teachers, especially the English Language teachers have expressed their happiness for the effort made by the government to improve on the English language of the children at the basic level. They were optimistic that the other textbooks will be made available to the children because most of the parents cannot afford to buy the textbook for their children hence the children dwell only on the teaching notes which does not give vivid information about topics.