Successive governments must continue free SHS - Bishop Kofi Assan
The Presiding Bishop of Mount Moriah Redeem Ministry, Bishop Samuel Kofi Assan has called on politicians to factor into their plans the smooth continuation of the most applauded free senior high school policy introduced by the Akufo Addo led government if they really mean to develop and care for the ordinary citizens of Ghana.

Date Created : 11/28/2018 3:23:15 AM : Story Author : William Dei-Gyau/

The Bishop who was speaking in an interview with after his consecration service to promote him from Prophet to Bishop status at the Gomoa Eshiem Branch of the church in the Gomoa West District in the Central Region congratulated President Nana Akuffo Addo for the introduction of the Free Senior High School policy saying " it is a sign of having the interest of the people at heart".

The Bishop then marked Akufo Addo government 80% for his governance, and his commitment to implement the free Senior High School education policy including efforts to sustain the policy even though the policy is still struggling to survive.

"I will mark him (Akufo Addo) 80 percent out of 100 due to his good job, the Free Senior High School policy has pave way for many Ghanaian children to get administration into Senior High School in just two years in his government and he deserves our recommendations" he stated.

He continued that the President upon assuming office has start the implementation of other policies including Planting for Food and Jobs, Planting for Export and Rural Development, One District One Factory, introduction of the Nation Builders Corp among other policies are some interventions if sustained by successive government will go a long way to transform the livelihood of the ordinary people in our country.

He then laments on how the nation has wasted millions of Cedis on projects only to be abandoned by politician in the name of politics,

"We are not developed after gaining independence some 60 years ago because of the selfishness of successive governments for not prioritizing and completing the projects initiated by their predecessors" he explained.

He then classified such act as causing financial lost to the state because the monies invested in those projects are huge and even the project if completed could go a long way to reduce the infrastructure deficit facing our country.

Bishop Samuel Assan also called on drivers to be more vigilant in their driving as Christmas is approaching.

"Drivers must desists form over speeding, over loading, over taking as we are heading towards Christmas. We can prevent accident through carefulness, we passengers should talk to drivers when they are going wrong to prevent road accident" he advised.

He then ceased the opportunity to call on government to protect the media from the unprecedented brutality of media person by people claiming to be in authorities since the media is the mouthpiece of the country in dissemination of information after acknowledging the President for the decision to build the National Cathedra.