Mampong Gov’t Hospital to embark on mass burial of corpses
Authorities of Ashanti Mampong Government Hospital have vowed to embark on mass burial of corps by the end of this month.

Date Created : 12/12/2017 1:25:35 AM : Story Author : Omono Asamoah/

Speaking with the Senior Medical Superintendent at the hospital, Dr. Kwadwo Nyarko Asamoah Jectey, he disclosed that it is high time they did that with regard to the fact that the corpses have been at their morgue for the past six years and it looks as if their relatives don't have interest in them.

                                       The Senior Medical Superintendent, Dr Kwadwo Nyarko Jectey

He indicated that, the corpses number up to 12 meanwhile their morgue have limited space therefore such drastic measures ought to be taken to provide space.

Besides, auditors normally quarry them for their inability to exercise their power over the long deposit of corpses at their mortuary.

                                                                     Mr Collins Kesse, Hospital Administrator