Flood visits havoc on Koforidua Township
Following frequent rains in recent times in Koforidua, the Eastern Regional capital, coupled with a heavy down pour on Thursday, September 13, around 12:45pm, a number of communities were submerged.

Date Created : 9/14/2018 9:24:17 AM : Story Author : Collins Aikins Akuffo/

The heavy rain caused havoc and rendered hundreds of people homeless.

The rain which lasted for almost two hours destroyed properties with most affected areas being Nsukwa, Zongo, RM’s residence, Bulla spot and Panthers May Hotel.

With an entourage of about twenty (20) including officers from the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO), the New Juaben South Municipal Chief Executive, Isaac Appaw-Gyasi sympathized with the affected victims, saying it is unfortunate for the citizenry to be experiencing rampant floods.

“Yes, people need places to put up residential places, schools, churches and others but it shouldn’t be on waterlogged area it shouldn’t be somewhere closer to river”. He explained.

He said government spends a lot of money on disaster relieve items but after that there is another disaster, which to him is a waste of state money he explained.

Indeed, there are laws but it seems Ghanaians do not adhere to these laws hence, building haphazardly. This is what is killing us as Ghanaians.

Mr. Appaw-Gyasi further attributed the course of their predicament to the indiscriminate disposal of refuse. It’s about time Ghanaians inculcate behavioral change to help develop the country.

“I am going to pound on my engineering officers who give permit to the citizens to build at unauthorized places without site inspection. He lamented.

He called the Municipal Urban Roads, Municipal Work Engineering Department to redesign most of the drainage system within the municipality since they have outlived their purpose.

In fact Koforidua is expanding and its population is also increasing, therefore all should contribute their quota for the development of the municipality.

In an interview with the municipal NADMO officer, Isaac Adjabeng cautioned Ghanaians to stop polluting the environment and water bodies to ensure a flood free country. Environmental pollution attract a lot of diseases and causing damages to properties.

For her part, a victim at the Nsukwa, Madam Mary Adu-Naa explained her ordeal to the media, saying this is the first time for her to experience such an incidence and to her it was a shock. According to her she has lost virtually everything she had toiled for.

Madam Adu-Naa appealed to the Assembly to embark on drainage expansion to ease flooding in the Municipality.

She noted that most of the gutters within the Municipality is choked and are narrowed which need to be looked at.