Kofi Agyei Senior High Technical School closed down indefinitely
Kofi Agyei Senior High Technical School in the Kwabre East District have been closed down indefinitely.

Date Created : 12/7/2017 4:48:51 AM : Story Author : Francis Andoh/

This follows a rioting which occurred in the school last week by the students against the headmistress of the school for demoting the current boys’ housemaster of the school, Mr. Godwin Mfum.

Recounting the incident of the riot to this reporter, the headmistress of the school, Mrs. Elisabeth Cobold said on the eve of Thursday 30th November, 2017 she heard a loud noise around her residence.

She was terrified because of the large number of students and the weapons they were wielding. They threw stones to her compound causing damage to some of her louver blades but no life was affected. She added that they were also holding placards which had inscriptions like ‘No Mfum no headmistress’’ Headmistress must go Mfum must stay’’, “Mfum will not be transferred” and a host of others which made her suspect they were instigated by the demoted boys’ housemaster.

Recounting incidence leading to the rioting, Mrs. Cobold said management of the school on several occasions have warned Mr. Godwin Mfum to talk to his wife on some of her activities in the school which they considered to be against some of the rules and regulations laid down for the students to adhere to.

She revealed that because Mr. Mfum is the boys’ housemaster, he has been stationed with the boys at the boys’ dormitory in the school. His wife who we gathered to be called Madam Pat, also sells in the dormitory for the students, thus the female students also come to the boys dormitory to buy food. Sometimes, she sells around 10:00pm.

Madam Pat is alleged to sell at 6:00 am – 7:00am when the students are supposed to be sweeping the school compound and after 7:00pm to 10:00pm, when the students are supposed to be at preps learning.

Management on countless occasions have communicated to him about the effects of his wife’s trading, but all to no avail.

Mrs. Cobold therefore said she had no option but to include the matter as part of her reports to the school’s board for a decision to be taken on the matter.

The Board therefore decided to demote him from his position as the boys’ house master for the school but not transferred as was speculated.

Already about 15 students have been identified as the ring leaders and they will face the seven member investigating committee which includes personnel from the Security forces, Board of the school, District Education office and the Assembly.

They will investigate the real matters that led to the demonstration and also apprehend the ring leaders of the riot and find means to prevent it from future occurrence.

The school is expected to be opened soon when authorities feel calm has been restored and the atmosphere is conducive for teaching and learning.