Low turnout at District Level Election in New Juaben South
The New Juaben South Municipal Assembly recorded low turnout at the District Level and Unit Committee elections held yesterday, December 17, 2019, nationwide.

Date Created : 12/18/2019 4:22:04 AM : Story Author : Collins Aikins Akuffo/Ghanadistricts.com

The election was held at 161 polling stations with 254 candidates made up of 101 males and 8 females.

A visit to some polling stations within the Municipality in the morning showed clear signs of lack of interest from the public as the usual long queues that characterize elections were absent.

At the Nsukwao, SDA Education Unit polling station A, 4, and B 6 people respectively have cast their votes.
At the Mallam Park, polling stations A two (2) and B four (4) people have cast their votes

At the Railway polling Station at 7:25 am, there were only 5 voters at the location.

Again, the team visited Koforidua Technical University (KTU) polling station A and B at exactly 8:00am. At polling station A, the team spotted about eleven (11) voters in a queue ready to cast their votes. Speaking to one of the agents on the preparation of the election, he stated that they got prepared before 7:15 in the morning but the people refused to turnout.

“Most of the people don’t want to vote this year which we all have an idea on why. The voters here now are all KTU students and we are yet to see any outsider to vote”, he said.

Meanwhile, at Polling station B, the preparation was unsettled as no voter was spotted yet, the ready to welcome voters to cast their votes.

At Betom-School Town Polling Station A, Mr. Henry Oduro, an Electoral Officer indicated that there is an expected number of 645 voters in their register but only 20 has cast their votes as at 8:30 am. At polling station B, there was an expectancy of 631 voters and only 35 were turned out to vote.

Also at Nyerede Electoral Area ‘B’, there were 563 registered voters and as at 9:50 am only 69 votes have been cast which 29 were females, according to the Presiding Officer Vincent Odum. Again, Nyerede Electoral Area ‘A’, 567 registered voters, and there were 33 men out of the 69 vote casts as at 9:50 am. Presiding Officer (PO) Ernest said.

The team also moved to the following Electoral Areas with their various polling stations to gather this information; Miele Anglican Com A., 644 registered voters, 65 vote casts according to the Presiding Officer Samuel Ofosu.

Miele Anglican Com ‘B’: 608 registered voters, 54 vote casts, 19 women and 35 men as at 10am. Presiding Officer (PO): Patrick.
Agavenya RC Primary ‘B’:582 registered voters, 61 vote casts, 23 females and 28 males as at 10:15am. PO: Maxwell Kodua. He did complain of unaccredited candidates agents, making their work difficult.

Agavenya RC Primary ‘A’: 594 registered voters, 77 vote casts, 48 males and 29 females as at 10:15am. PO: Bernard Asuming Amoako.
Bonya Presby Primary ‘B’: 653 registered voters, 40 vote casts, 16 females and 34 males as at 10:42am. PO: Augustine Nuer.
Bonya Presby Primary ‘A’: 787 registered voters, 65 vote casts, 26 females and 37 males as at 10:46am. PO: Ernest Prosper.
Pentecost Church ‘B’- Two Streams: 758 registered voters, 40 vote casts as at 11am. PO: Eric Oppong.
Pentecost Church ‘A’- Two Streams: 784 registered voters, 45 votes, 26 females and 26 males as at 11am. PO: A. Asare.

Other areas include Pentecost Church ‘C’- Two Streams: 538 registered voters, 38 vote casts, 15 females and 23 males as at 11:05 am. PO: Mercy Boateng. Housing Corporation: 551 registered voters, 87 vote casts, 42 females and 45 males as at 11:25 am. PO: Judith Takyi.
St. Dominic ‘A’: 629 registered voters, 77 vote casts, 36 females and 41 males as at 11:30am. PO: James Asare. St Dominic ‘B’: 578 registered voters, 77 vote casts, 44 females and 33 males as at 11:30am. PO: Rose Kodimeh. Adontua North ‘A’: 805 registered voters, 114 vote casts, 91 females and 571 males. Adontua North B: 706 registered voters, 116 votes, 53 females and 49 males.

SDA Educational Unit A: 731 registered voters, 155 votes, 85 females and 70 males. PO: Alex Acheampong SDA Educational Unit B: 662 registered voters, 135 voters. There were no security personnel at the center. PO: Martin Daniel.

Mallam Park A: 626 registered voters, 180 voters, 66 females and 57 males as at 1:11pm. PO: Kinsley Nana Oppong Yeboah. No security personnel was around.

Mallam Park B: 540 registered voters, 114 voters, 60 females, and 47 males. PO: Roger Boatey.

Tanoso Central: 608 registered voters, 119 voters, 44 males, and 75 females. The educational on the folding of the ballot papers were poor.
Methodist Educational Unit: 777 registered voters, 129 voters, 71 females, and 58 males. There were no security personnel.