Kintampo Municipal benefits from GASIP Project.
The Kintampo Municipal Department of Agric Launch Ghana Agricultural Savanna Project (GASIP), this is Agroforestry Intervention Project which is a governmental Project in some selected regions and districts of Ghana. In Bono East Region, districts selected are Atebubu- Amantin, Sene west, Techiman and Kintampo North, which two communities are beneficiaries.

Date Created : 12/3/2021 12:00:00 AM : Story Author : Rufina Yuoni

Mr. Semon Yambor the Municipal Director of Agriculture, explain this project is implemented by Ministry of Food and Agriculture (MOFA), Institute of Natural and Environmental Conservation, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research Ghana (CSIR) and Kwame Nkromah University of Science and Technology.

“It is aimed at contributing to sustainable poverty reduction in rural Ghana especially rural areas” he said. The main objective is to enhance the profitability of climate change and resilience of Agribusiness especially, small holders. Agroforestry component was introduce this year he added.

He added that, climate change is a global challenge and the aim of agroforestry is to bring rural transformation in developing countries by encouraging and enabling small holders to increase their use of trees in agricultural landscape and this will also improve nutrition, income, health, and energy.

In conclusion, Mr. Yambor said the 40 beneficiaries from two community, Babator and Gulumpe would be trained, provided with inputs and materials for the establishment of themselves. He then encourage all to take the training serious.

In Mrs. Judith Odei-Asante presentation, she toke beneficiaries though, the cashew nursery production; which included; Nursery, site selection for nursery, types of sheds, soil for filling polypots, polybag filling, activities at the nursery, nuts sowing, more activities of the nursery, seeding, planting of seeds, planting, mulching, time planting, Important dos and don’ts for the cashew nursery etc.

Dr. David Boansi also touched on the business aspect of the Project, which included Marketing, how important is marketing to the success of cashew business, utility provided by marketing, form of utility creation, place utility, time utility, the size of a marked, benefits of market oriented production, customer satisfaction, some advantage of group sales, factors that influence buyer behavior, marketing mix and strategy formulation, pricing strategies, introduction to business records keeping, meaning of record keeping, different types of record keeping advantages of regular records keeping, advantages of record keeping, consequences of keeping poor records, financial management, how money comes into an out of business, saving money, managing credit, what is profit and loss, general financial management tips, effective business communication process and so on .

An interview with some of the beneficiaries, they express happiness because the project is going to improve their livelihood in their various communities and bring money to their pokers in the feature.