NANUMBA S: Headmaster appeals for new block for Wulensi DA JHS
The pioneer JHS (D/A JHS) at Wulensi: the District capital of the Nanumba South District, has one of its two (2) blocks in a very dilapidated state.

Date Created : 11/15/2017 7:01:44 AM : Story Author : Cliff

In fact, the entire block in plane language is a death trap. According to the headmaster, Mr. Salifu W. Alhassan, a number of reports about the building have gone to especially the District Education Office as well as the district assembly, but there is yet to be any response.

Asked how the school is faring academically, the headmaster indicated that he was a year old as headmaster of the school but, was able to achieve hundred percent pass in the 2016/2017 academic year BECE exam with his best candidate producing aggregate eleven whiles the least was aggregate twenty seven (27) out of seventy five (75) candidates.

Referencing past records especially last year where the school obtained ninety- three point six percent, he was of the opinion that the school deserves a better environment than it currently has. He was particularly worried that the building as it is can collapse at any time nobody knows. A stitch in time according to him saves nine.

“The lives of our children, brothers and sisters who learn under this very dilapidated structure is not guaranteed in any way except when the building is reconstructed/renovated, he added.

He has therefore renewed his appeal to the district assembly to save the pupils before any disaster strikes.