KETU S: Traditional Medicine Practice Council opens office at Agbozume
The Traditional Medicine Practice Council, the government statutory agency which is mandated by the traditional medicine practice act 2000 (act 575) to regulate, control and promote traditional and alternative medicine practice in Ghana has been opening regional and zonal offices throughout the country in order to bring its services closer to the people.

Date Created : 6/22/2017 6:03:29 AM : Story Author : Francis Vorsah/

The first office in the Volta region was inaugurated on Tuesday at Agbozume.


Act 575 states that a traditional medicine is a healing practice based on beliefs and ideas recognized by the community to provide healthcare by using herbs and other naturally occurring substance.     



In 2002 a working group under the world health organization WHO explained tradition medicine as the total of the knowledge skills and practices based on the theories believes experiences indigenous to different cultures whether explicable or not used in the maintenance of health as well as in the diagnoses improvement or treatment of physical and mental illness.                        


Mr Afeti Mawulolo, the Regional Regulatory Officer propose that based on his own conviction the name should be changed so that it gives them a bit of respect.   

He stated that they decide to reopen this office because of some bad practices going on with herbal medicine practice in the country.                        
Togbui Yaka IV, the registrar of the traditional medicine practice council under the ministry of health ask the participants to use the right process in healing the people.    



He ask them to go in for their licenses and certificates before operating in any area in the country.