Kwabre East Assembly elects new presiding member
Hon. George Oppong of Meduma Electoral Area in the Kwabre East District has once again been elected as the Presiding Member of the house.

Date Created : 12/28/2017 9:29:29 AM : Story Author : Francis Andoh/

He returns to the seat after he lost out to Hon. Ampadu Kyere some two years ago.
In a closely contested election held on 27th December, he polled 42 votes representing 91.3% of the total votes cast after his close contender had finally stepped down to make him the only contender.

In the first round of the election held on 19th December, there were three contenders namely, Hon. Andrews Obeng Agyemang of Wonoo Electoral Area, Hon. Baffour Ampadu Kyere of Mamponteng electoral araea who was also the sitting presiding Member; and Hon. George Oppong of Meduma Electoral area. At the end of the first round, the results were 7 for Hon. Agyemang, 11 for Hon. Ampadu and 26 for Hon. Oppong.

However, just after the election were announced Hon. Ampadu was taken ill so he rushed to the Mamponteng Health centre nearby, so meeting was adjourned to 27th December.

At the start of the election, Hon. Agyemang announced to the house that he was stepping down in the interest of the district to enable the house to choose from the two candidates who had higher votes than him.

Voting begun again and at the end of the count, Hon. Ampadu polled 16 votes and Hon. Oppong polled 29 votes falling short of three which gives him a two-third majority of the total number of votes cast.

The house voted again for the third time and Hon. Ampadu polled 15 votes and Hon. Oppong also polled 30 votes.

At the start of the next round Hon. Ampadu announced to the house that he was also stepping down in the interest of the district to give his support to the leading candidate.

His gesture was applauded by the house and when the final voting was held, Hon. Opong finally polled 42 votes whiles two people voted against him.

In his acceptance remarks, Hon. Oppong thanked his colleagues for the honour done him and promised to work hard to improve the lots of the district.

He also promised to work hard to bridge the seeming gap between the two factions in the Assembly and called for collaboration from all members. He also applauded his contenders especially his predecessor for holding the mantle well in the past two years.

He was later sworn in by the Mamponteng Magistrate Judge Her Lordship Saeed Aliata.

The election was conducted by the District Officer of the Electoral Commission, Ms. Salamatu Bashir.