MP donates to Dowine sports circuits
Hundred packs of assorted drinks has being donated to the Dowine Sports Circuit during their annual under thirteen sports festival hosted by the Domwine Primary school in the Lawra District of the Upper West region.

Date Created : 3/13/2018 3:26:33 AM : Story Author : Alice Abubakari/

The support came from the Member of Parliament (MP) for the area, Mr. Anthony N-yoh Karbo.

A welfare committee member, Mr Albert Aa-uune who stood in on behalf of the MP for the donation, stated that, he was glad that the Circuit have been able to organize such a festival involving all the schools in the Circuit not just purposely to play games and win but also to select young boys and girls who are talented in the various category of games.

He said this will ensure those who will be selected will be properly trained to go places setting Abedi Pele and the Ayew brothers as example.

The Circuit Supervisor, Boro Alexis Faakan-I on his part appealed to the teachers to treat every child as their own, and to the officiators of the games to be fair in their officiating in order not to cause agitation among the students during the games.

The Circuit sports Chairman thanked the MP and the team for the kind gesture saying "this is the first time we are receiving such support for such an activity and we are praying for the MP to continue to have good health long life and continue to support us in times of this when we appeal."

There was a ceremonial kick by the Chairman Mr Aa-uune to officially open the start of the games.