AWUTU S E: MCE solicits views of traders for development at new market
Traders in the Kasoa New Market had the rear opportunity of being directly involved in decisions in respect of improvement in facilities at the market.

Date Created : 4/17/2018 3:35:58 AM : Story Author : Dominic Shirimori/

This follows an interaction the market players had with the Awutu Senya East Municipal Chief Executive, Michael Essuman Mensah when he met them to solicit their views on the challenges in the market and discuss how to address them using available revenue accruing from a revenue collection project that raked in some monies from the market.

It would be recalled that the Assembly started locking shops in the market to retrieve its share of 30% of rent revenue that PPP partners have failed to honor. And the MCE noted that though the project has not reached even half way, it has raked in some monies that could be used to undertake projects that will solve some pressing issues confronting the users of the market.

Discussions centered mainly on security at the market including walling, provision of street lights, building of places of convenience, warehouse, provision of information centers and drainage system among others.

Meanwhile, it was agreed to improve on the security infrastructure in the market, construct drains, warehouse and some places of convenience as requested by the traders.

Mr Michael Mensah said it is just appropriate to get closer to the market players as the direct beneficiaries of the facilities to make inputs into projects that will directly solve their needs, and by so doing they will own the projects and be more responsible to their maintenance.

He noted that their requests may be more than one, but meeting them will give a clear understanding of what they consider extremely important that should be attended to urgently and those that can be tackled in future.

The obviously excited traders and other users of the market facility expressed their gratitude to the MCE for coming closer to them instead of the usual practice where projects are conceived by leaders and imposed on them.

They pledged to provide the necessary supports to the MCE, the assembly as well as the contractors they may be assigned to execute their preferred projects in the market.