“Ghana Needs You Alive” – Police to Kintampo North Drivers
A road safety campaign organized by the Kintampo Division of the Ghana Police Service on Thursday December 12, 2018, in collaboration with the National Service Personnel Association (NASPA) of Kintampo Municipality has called on drivers to careful on the road this festive season and beyond.

Date Created : 12/17/2018 2:17:02 AM : Story Author : Rufina Yuoni/

The campaign was under the theme ‘’Ghana Needs You Alive Before, During and After Christmas”.

It brought together agencies including the Forestry Commission, Health Service, Ambulance Service, Fire Service, DVLA, NASPA, GPRTU, City Guards, Community Police, Media men and women, Ghana Road Safety commission to walk the principal streets of the Municipality to create awareness of road safety in the Municipality.

Leaflets and posters were distributed to the divers and market women with some inspiration like ‘stop for pedestrians’, ‘pedestrians have the right of way even when they are wrong’, ‘be alert’, ‘look-out for pedestrians’ ‘pedestrians safety is your responsibility’, ‘Ghana need you alive’, ‘environment free accident next year’, ‘drive for zero accident’ among others.

After the procession all converge at the GPRTU ward of the Municipality where speeches were delivered to address issues in connection to road accident in the Municipality.

The Kintampo Municipal Divisional Police Commander ACP Joseph Antei Gyawu gave the purpose of all this important gathering which he delivered the annual review of road accident in the Kintampo Municipal Assembly from January to 10th December 2018.

He also added that drivers are supposed to rest after driving for every 5 hours, and they are to make sure that accident does not occur, renew their licenses, avoid over-loading of vehicles, and ensure regular maintenance of their vehicles among others.

He said drivers who are very careful on road without accident for some number of years would be awarded.

Mr. Gerbiel Kwame Keyre from Road Safety, Sunyani gave statistics on road accidents as follows

Total cases reported                                                            Regional                                                                        Nation 
COMMERCIAL                                                                        274                                                                                 8691
BUS                                                                                       21                                                                                    917
MINI BUS                                                                                45                                                                                   2558
TRACK                                                                                    77                                                                                   1606
TAXI                                                                                        128                                                                                  3321
OTHER                                                                                    3                                                                                      289
PRIVAT                                                                                   148                                                                                  8842
MINI BUS                                                                                 10                                                                                    360
SALOON                                                                                   53                                                                                  4584
SUV/4X4                                                                                   48                                                                                   2694
TRUCK                                                                                     29                                                                                   1005
GOVT                                                                                       8                                                                                      199
MOTORCYCLES                                                                     204                                                                                   3518
MOTORS                                                                                 159                                                                                   2890
BICYCLES                                                                               16                                                                                     162
TRYCYCLES                                                                            29                                                                                     466
PRDESTRIAN KNOCKDOWN                                                    80                                                                                     2918
INJURED                                                                                  33                                                                                     2211
KILLED                                                                                     47                                                                                     707
PERSONS KILLED                                                                   221                                                                                   2118
MALES                                                                                   171                                                                                  1677
FEMALES                                                                                50                                                                                     507
PERSONS INJURED                                                              644                                                                                   12,318

He then added that, all drivers should be careful when driving on the road to prevent accidents; motor riders should wear helmet while riding, and urged women who sell in traffic to stop and all should be careful this festive season.

Mr. Kafui Aheto Fredrick, NASPA President for Kintampo Municipality, said, this year, the Ghana Police Service Kintampo Division in collaboration with the National Service Personnel Association (NASPA) - Kintampo Municipality are working to educate drivers to reduce road accidents on our roads especially in the festive season.

He said “road accident is on the increase, but Ghana needs you alive. Careless driving saves none, Make this as driving tool”.

And that, road accident is a cause of worry. It all happen when we are in a hurry, “save lives with careful driving. Ghana needs no road accident, less accident is our dividend, safety is a gadget but a state of mind, if you know you are driving to your death, would you still drive so fast? He asked.

It is better to lose one minute in life than to lose life in one minute, he stated. He concluded by saying that, all country men should have this pledge. Follow traffic rules without any grudge, and by saying, start early, reach safely, road safety for everyone, careless driving saves none.

Mr. Frank Nyarko the Director of DVLA of Kintampo Municipality also added his voice to regular maintenance and urged the drivers to adhere to roads signs. He also warned against under 18 years ridding tricycles.

Drivers were giving the opportunity to asked questions as to the problems and suggestion which will help to reduce accidents in the Municipality.

The Municipal Chief Executive Mr. Sarkodie Baffoe who was grateful for the campaign reminded them that everyone is needed to contribute to the development of the municipality and used the occasion to educate all and sundry on the need for all to vote yes for the creation of the Bono East Region come 27th December 2018.