SISSALA E: Assembly builds classroom block for Nankpawie JHS
A three-classroom block built by the Sissala East District Assembly, to create more space for effective teaching and learning at the Nankpawie Junior High School (JHS), has been inaugurated.

Date Created : 12/21/2017 2:29:40 AM : Story Author : Rosemary Obeng-Yeboah/

Mr. Nanyua Karim, the District Chief Executive (DCE), who was on hand to perform the ceremony, said education development, was a priority on the Assembly's agenda, and that the assembly would continue to invest and create academically-friendly environment in schools

He said the expectation was that the teachers and children would be motivated to work hard to produce good results, and announced plans to construct a kindergarten block for the community.

He also reminded parents not only to make sure that all kids of school-going age enrolled, but were retained.

They should again spend quality time with their adolescent children to protect them from bad peer influence, he added.

Mr. Nanyua Karim urged the people to pay their rates and levies to the Assembly, to help strengthen its finances, and enable it to provide more social amenities to improve their quality of life.