NADMO sensitizes citizens on bushfires
The National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO) in collaboration with the Ghana National Fire Service in the Tain district is embarking on sensitization and bushfire prevention campaign throughout the district with the aim of combating the menace of bushfires through awareness creation at all levels of the society with the current one held at Kwame Tenten, a farming community in the district.

Date Created : 12/17/2018 7:00:23 AM : Story Author : Isaac Yeboah/Ghanadistricts.com

Mr. Oppong Andrews, the district NADMO coordinator called on the citizenry to change their attitude and support the fight for the preservation of the environment.

He indicated that, without a change in attitude, efforts by their Organization and other institutions as well as other stakeholders in the fight against bushfires and the preservation of the environment will essentially remain unsuccessful.

“People will continue setting fires recklessly and it will take the concerted efforts of all stakeholders and the intensification of our educational campaign to create on the effects and consequences of bushfires on the farmer, the community and the economy of the country”, he said.

Inaugurating fire volunteer group to help in the prevention of bushfire, Mr. Doe Kornyo, operations officer at NADMO said the volunteers are the immediate point of contact to physically assist in fighting fires in the area when the unexpected happens.

He appealed to the citizenry to assist the volunteers in discharging their duties.

In his remarks, Mr. Kyere Felix from the Ghana National Fire Service noted that at this time of the year, grasses are dry and that the Hamattan wind prevails. As such, they are campaigning to create awareness among the people about the consequences of bush burning, which he noted has a lot of negative effects.

He therefore urged the people to stay away from activities that are likely to cause bushfires since anyone that would be caught would be dealt with in the accordance with the law.