80% of Ghana's high profile personalities are members of secret society groups - Prophet Seth Arthur
The Founder and Leader of Heaven Chosen Prayer Ministry at Ntoaso (Chinese Yard) in the Nsawam - Adoagyiri Municipal of the Eastern Region Prophet Seth Arthur has alleged that about 80% of high profile personalities in the country are members of secrets society groups.

Date Created : 1/8/2019 3:22:33 AM : Story Author : William Dei-Gyau/

According to Prophet Seth Arthur, "eighty percent of the people we respected in society comprising from the politicians, Men of God, celebrities, lawyers, chiefs among other high profile personalities in this country are members of some secret societies".

The Prophet has also hinted that these secrets Society group will in 2019 worsen the economic stability of the country by hijacking all financial loopholes to prevent the flow of cash in the economy just to convince and convert many people into their kingdom urging Christians and Ghanaians as a whole to surrender their life to Almighty God throughout the year.

Prophet Set Arthur was made this revelation whiles addressing his congregation during the celebration of the first anniversary and thanksgiving service of the Heaven Chosen Prayer Ministry at the church auditorium.

He emphasised that we seek the blessing and hands of God before, during and after any decisions we takes this year stressing that there are a lot of great things that God has prepared for us in this year even though the occult society will arise.

"If we are not careful buying and selling in the country will be very difficult since the grandmasters of the various secrets society groups will not allow its members to buy anything from any trader who is not a member of their group likewise member will not be allowed to sell to people who does not bear their mark" he stated supporting his statement with the symbol of the Antichrist (666) which talks about the end time in the Bible.

"Secret society groups like occultist, Freemason and Evils Spirits will rise against and destroy every good deeds of Christians" he adds.

Prophet Seth Arthur advised that "we should be contempt with the little we have and should embrace the status we currently found themselves, be careful of who you approach when you are in trouble because the evil one is ready to use your weakness to capture you".

The Prophet who wasn't pleased with the way off late it was very difficult to hear of a fetish priest but today they have mounted sign posts and even going to the media - radio and television for advertisement. Pastors today given out lotto numbers in church and we call it normal' he laments.

He urged Ghanaian to battle for God strength to overcome all secret occult groups and also to break every wall of evil because if we are not bless and have dominion power by God, whatever we will do will be in vain.

Prophet Seth Arthur reminds the leadership of the country about the existence of Heaven and Hell saying you can't miss hell when you missed heaven emphasing we humble ourselves to Almighty God and not to rush and hurry in everything in life,