EJISU J: Bonfa community calls for speed ramps
A number of residents of Bonfa Junction, a community in the Ejisu Juaben Municipality of the Ashanti Region, have asked for speed ramps to be installed on their roads due to the excessive amount of accidents recorded in the area.

Date Created : 10/20/2017 6:50:48 AM : Story Author : Theresa Workartey/

They are thus asking appropriate state institutions including the assembly and the urban roads to construct more speed ramps to help curb the situation. 

Some Parents who spoke to’s Ashanti regional correspondent, Theresa Workartey, expressed worries over the unnecessary over-speeding and overtaking by some commercial and private vehicle drivers who ply the road, considering the large number of children living in the area.

 “Our children sometimes play around the road and as a parent I get so scared anytime these children are playing outside. The over-speeding on the road is too much, something has to be done”, a concerned parent grieved. 

“Lack of speed ramps on the road is really affecting us as residents of this community.Accidents usually happen here and no one seems to care. I believe is high time state authorities did something to control the situation, another resident of Bonfa added.

The residents have however, pleaded with the government to intervene and construct speed ramps on their streets to help slow down traffic and reduce the rate of accidents in the area.