Country Alliance on Mental Illness trains teachers on mental Health
Dr. Eric Kweku Arhinful, a Clinical Psychiatric Officer and founder and director of Country Alliance on Mental illness (CAMI), a non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Winneba in the Effutu municipality of the central region has called for adequate measures and resources to reduce mental health stigmatization in the country.

Date Created : 10/16/2017 8:15:03 AM : Story Author : Paa Paintsil/

He said mental health issues in Ghana lacked adequate attention from all circles, leaving mentally challenged patients and their families to resort to seeking solutions from traditional medicine practitioners or fetish priests.

 Dr. Eric Kweku Arhinful made the call at a two day sensitization workshop organized by CAMI for teachers from the Aswel Academy in Winneba.

Dr. Eric Kweku Arhinful says teachers play important role in child development, therefore teachers ought to know mental health situation and other related symptoms so as to prompt the parents and mental health professionals to ensure its early treatment or preventions.




Country Alliance on Mental Illness (CAMI) is a non-governmental organization made up of multi-disciplined professionals who have come together with one common goal of promoting good mental health in Ghana and beyond. This is expected to help change the lives of people affected by mental health issues to become productive in their society as a normal and respected individuals.



Dr. Eric Kweku Arhinful mentioned advocacy, lobbing, support and collaboration of mental health services, training, and education as some of the operation areas of the organization.


He thus called for government, individuals and stakeholders in the health sector for effective crusade on mental health illness.


About 45 teachers were trained on mental health issues as ambassador who will assist in treating the menace and reduce its stigmatization.