ADANSI S: Departmental heads review second quarter activities
The District Coordinating Director (DCD) of Adansi South District Mr. William Meledi has urged all heads of departments and agencies in the district to perform their duties well to bring the needed development to the people they are serving.

Date Created : 12/4/2017 12:12:42 AM : Story Author : Kusi-Obuadum Brobbey/

He made this remarks during the heads of departments meeting for the second quarter of the year 2017.

Opening the meeting the District Coordinating Director called on all the heads of departments to take active part in the discussions to make it effective. After each head of department has presented his/her report members were allowed to make contributions in the form of questions, clarifications and suggestions.

The District Director of Agriculture in his presentation said that two major activities were under taking among others, he said under the government’s “planting for Food and Jobs” programme a total of 319 farmers were supplied with 396 bags of improved rice seeds and 578 acres of land have been cultivated in the district. Those who went into maize cultivation were supplied with 62 bags of improved maize seeds; 98 farmers took part in maize cultivation and they have cultivated 219 acres of land in the district.

Giving account on the infestation of the Fall Army Worms in the district, Mr. Obrien Nyarko the District Director of MOFA indicated 884 farmers’ farms were attacked by the worms in 52 communities in the district and the farms which were attacked by the worms covered 640 hectares (1600 acres) of land. He said that the government has supplied chemicals to be giving to the farmers free and so far 1087 acres of farms have been sprayed with the chemicals and now the worms have been exterminated from those farms.

On revenue mobilization the revenue departments of the district was urged to put in place mechanism to mobilize more funds to enable the district to perform its duties well especially supporting the departments and agencies in the performance of their duties.

The major disaster that happened during the period was a rain storm that ripped of the roof of some schools, churches and houses in the district. The district NADMO took inventory of all the disaster and those who were affected were 812 people; this consisted of two schools, three churches and sixty-two houses and the value of the properties destroyed amounted to GH?44,780.00. The communities which were high hurt were Wuruyie, Atwereboana and Acheasewa.

After all the presentations of the reports of the various departments and agencies the DCD thanked them for attending the meeting in their numbers and implored them to continue to do their work as they have been doing so that the district could achieve most of the policies and programmes in the development plan of the Assembly.

In another development the District Planning Coordinating Unit Committee (DPCUC) also met to review the 2013-2017 medium term development plan of the district to enable them to draw the 2017-2021 medium term development plan of the district.

During the review it came out that the district performed creditably in the provision of physical infrastructure to the detriment of non-physical programmes.

The District Planning Officer Mr. Rutherford Osei therefore advised the members that future non-physical programmes such as capacity building of small scale and medium term entrepreneurs must giving financial support for to organizations and individuals should also be done to improve on the livelihood of the individuals and groups in the district.

The District Planning Officer also said that the short falls of government subventions especially the District Assembly Common Fund (DACF) was a major challenge that prevented the Assembly to implement fully the projects and programmes in the 2013-2017 medium term development plan; he was of the hope that things will improve to enable the district to implement the programmes and projects that will be in the 2017-2021 medium term plan of the district.

The Planning Officer also advised the management to desist from awarding new contracts when on-going projects have not been completed since it always suffocates the financial management of the district.

He said a total of 88 projects were to be implemented during the period under review but 42 of them have been completed, 24 are ongoing and 18 were not implemented at all.

The District Coordinating Director who is the Chairperson of the committee thanked the members for the great job they have done and urged them to continue to provide their expertise to the committee to enable the district to have a good medium term development plan.